Top 10 Items You Need to Survive the First Year with Twins

Top 10 Items You Need to Survive with Twins During Their First Year

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If you’re having twins, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed thinking about all.the.things you’ll need to survive the first year of their lives. 

Even after having birthed four children, having twins was a whole new beast. I joined a couple of Facebook Groups like Moms with Twins and Twin Mama Strong GroupI also signed up with Twiniversity.

All of these were amazing and extremely supportive, but after reading so many different opinions and recommendations, you can still get overwhelmed.

I took so much advice from these groups, but after having gone through it, I can recommend my top nine items that I think are worthwhile.

1. Burp cloths (lost of them!). I do not regret having burp cloth after burp cloth because twice the spit-up and drool are insane. My girl drooled more than my boy, but my boy spit-up more than my girl. Either way, you can’t go wrong with having too many.


I recommend keeping them in all areas of your house. Thankfully, I was able to donate them after they had outgrown them. 

2. Wipes. Wipes are expensive. I get it. But they will go through these so FAST! You won’t go wrong if you have a diaper and wipes baby shower. We were changing 20-24 diapers a day for their first few months then we would use them to clean up once they started eating solids.

Even now that they’re 18 months old, we still use them quite a bit. 

3. Pacifiers. Both of my babies used pacifiers, but if you aren’t new to parenthood, then you know pacifiers have legs! So, for some reason, they end up going missing twice as much. And when you have two babies crying at the same time, you need them to be available at all times.

I don’t know how many trips we made to our local drugstore. My advice is to keep them in stock!

4. Sleepers/Onesies. If you get these brand new or through consignment, have a lot. The way those blow-outs come in cannot be compared to the blow-out of your singleton. And since you’re likely sleep-deprived, laundry won’t get done for a while, have as many as you can.

(Tip: Since they grow fast, keep them stocked in different sizes. Also, get the sleepers that zip – you’ll thank me later!)

5. A diaper pail. There are mixed feelings about needing one of these, but I have had one for every one of my children, and I don’t know that I could survive without it.

Some people say they just put diapers in their regular trash, but with our large family and the number of diapers twins go through, I’d rather not fill our regular trash can with diapers.


Diapers are so small when they’re little that the pail can hold a lot more than you think. Plus, it’s just convenient to have in the middle of the night.

6. Swaddles. Swaddles are crucial because they promote a good night’s rest, and you’ll never appreciate sleep more after having twins. There are so many swaddles out there; it can be overwhelming to find one.

I used the hospital swaddles for a while before they grew out of them, then purchased a Nested Bean weighted swaddle that my son has on here. I also used a muslin swaddle to wrap them in if the other ones were dirty.

Sleeping baby with Nest Bean Swaddle

7. A Boppy or Twin-Z Pillow. I had both and used both, but I used my Twin-Z less. I liked having the option to lay them on the floor or use them to work on tummy time. The Twin-Z pillow was good for nursing if I tandem-fed them or wanted to feed them with bottles at the same time. (*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)*

*I had to put a thick blanket over it for awhile because they were tiny and would slip through the holes.*

8. Sound machine. I love our sound machine. If you have multiple small children, you’ll need this to help block out the noise. This also promotes good sleep. (Tip: I recommend one with a light so you can see how to get around at night.)

9. Double Stroller. You’ll need this because walks will help them sleep better at night, and it will help you get fresh air and exercise.

Trust me, it’s hard getting little ones dressed, buckled in a stroller, and out of the house, but it’s so worth it. My husband would also walk them to give me a break, so if you have someone that can do that for you, I would recommend that, too. 

*This is a Chicco Double Stroller. It’s one of the cheaper ones on the market and is compatible with the Chicco Key Fit car seats.*

10. Swing(s). If you decide to get more than one, that’s up to you. I did have two different kinds of swings and a bouncer; you can find them for cheap at Facebook Marketplace or at a consignment store if you’re not gifted them, but I liked having different options because one (or both) of your twins may not like swings.

My boy actually liked them better than my girl, but neither tolerated them for long periods. It’s amazing to have them if you need to go to the bathroom or take a quick shower. If they tolerate them, you are truly blessed!

As you can see, there aren’t a lot of items I think you should really have. Yes, bottles are needed but I wouldn’t buy too many until you figure out which bottle your babies like. 

I also didn’t work outside of the home, so a working mom might need more bottles.

We had a bottle steamer that I appreciated having, but many parents choose to use their dishwasher or hand wash; you can also use steamer bags to put in the microwave. 

There are ways to get around having to purchase items that some parents might say you need, but after having twins of my own (in combination with my other four kids), these are my essentials.

If you have twins, what was on your essentials list during their first year?

Comment below.



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