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Kids Activity and Coloring Bundle

Have you ever tried to google FREE coloring sheets for your child and can’t find anything worthwhile? Or you prefer not to pay for another subscription just to get access to the good stuff?

That’s why I’ve created activity and coloring pages suitable for your 3-6 year-old. (Hey, you might want to join in with coloring, too!)

These will enhance their fine motor skills, phonics, and imagination.

Great for a rainy day or another day of homeschooling.

My Power Hour Guide

If you’re feeling overwhelmed most weeknights, I’ve created a guide that can help calm your anxiety, and it’s called a Power Hour (20-20-20) guide.

That’s a 20-minute super yummy recipe, 20 minutes on how to clean specific areas in your home, and 20 minutes of exercise.

Yep, that’s one hour!

After spending way too much time in the kitchen and tidying up every night, I wanted to create something that could give me a sense of calm so I could focus on other important tasks.

So, breaking down tasks to 20 minutes helps keep them light and prevents the feeling of overwhelm.

Typically, I tidy up during the day, but since the kitchen and my living room are the busiest areas in my home, I feel much better when they’re relatively clean.

I often delegate these tasks to my children to help clean up, so this checklist gives tips on how to do that with your family as well.

I hope you find it useful.